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Why Are Rocket Dockets No Longer Used In Foreclosure Cases?

Foreclosure Related News; Rocket Docket? Is it Time to Sue the System? 2 replies. Rocket Docket? Is it Time to Sue the System? Like This Topic Follow This Topic. HISA Supporter Administrator. 2/12/146:56 AM. Posted on February 12, 2014 by Neil Garfield. Is it time to sue the system?

A Florida Court’s ‘Rocket Docket’ Blasts Through Foreclosure cases 2 questions, 15 Seconds, 45 Days to Get Out; ‘What’s to Talk About?’ Says a Judge

Rocket docket. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A rocket docket refers to a court or other tribunal that is noted for its speedy disposition of cases and controversies that come before it, often by maintaining strict adherence to the law as pertains to filing deadlines, etc.

As foreclosures mount, Florida court turns to ‘rocket docket’. FORT MYERS, Florida (CNN) — With eyes tearing, some stare off into space. Others sit quietly with an expressionless pain as they wait for the inevitable. Casey McNeer couldn’t even speak her name when the judge called her case.

Magisterial district courts and Philadelphia Municipal Court docket sheets are maintained by the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania. access magisterial district courts’ docket sheets or Philadelphia Municipal Court docket sheets.. Recent entries made in the court filing offices may not be immediately reflected on these docket sheets.

Palm Beach is making it more official, but Florida foreclosure defense lawyers are fighting against the dangers of rocket docket and other attempts to clear all those backlogged, bottlenecked foreclosure lawsuits because borrower/defendants’ rights are in danger in these swift sweeps of court dockets, no matter how well intended.

Manhattan Foreclosure Cases Speed Up As Courts Implement Rocket Docket. The Empire State had an average foreclosure litigation time of 36-48 months in 2015. The average foreclosure litigation time across New York is expected to hit 12 months. Supreme Court Judges want to cut it under six months. Multiple factors on the federal and state level have attributed to this drastic cut.

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Yes. The court sends out an order setting the case for trial on a "docket". A docket is a list of cases that are scheduled for trial during a given period of time, often one or two weeks.

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