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Consumer Debt Rises for Young Adults

This article provides advice on how to create a strong safety net. For example, it suggests reducing debt, creating an emergency fund, being properly insured, and investing in a retirement account. Buy a home. As this article notes, buying a home that meets one’s needs can be difficult for people with disabilities.

It’s that time of year when young adults excitedly graduate college. If you are over $100k in student debt, the deficit will be even greater when you factor in the interest on the loans and the.

There are many reasons why people get into debt. The reasons are personal, but that doesn’t mean we can share the top 10 overlooked causes of debt.

When debt reaches high levels, it can even put people at risk for mental disorders, such as depression. However, these studies also show that the type of debt makes a difference. consumer debt, such as credit card bills, hurts people the most. By contrast, borrowing money for a mortgage or for investments doesn’t appear to make people unhappier.

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when the government raises taxes, the consumers spend less, so the. Essentially, as saving rates go up, people will spend less (spending rates going down). it would probably have to go in to debt to allow this tax cut to happen, but if you.

Almost 87% of families are in debt with the average in December 2018 being $135,768. The majority of it is mortgage debt since this is the time when most people settle into a permanent home and start a family. The median housing debt is $93,700, and almost 50% carry credit card debt of $2,500. Age 45 to 54

 · ”For millions of young people, rising college costs are putting the American dream on hold, or out of reach.” Indeed, as tuition costs continue to rise and the national student loan debt hits $1 trillion, some people have been left wondering if college is even worth it anymore.

Debt Relief & Consumer Lawyers Do you have debt problems and are wondering if you should get an attorney to help? Below you’ll find articles on whether you should hire a debt relief lawyer to help with wage garnishment, car repossession, student loan issues, debt collection lawsuits, debt collector harassment, and more.

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